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Agatized Coral

Silicified Coral, Fossil Coral or Agatized Coral are the remnants of primal Coral Reefs that grew in the warm coastal waters of ancient oceans.

Agatized Coral forms through a process similar to Petrified Wood. Decaying organic materials are replaced with silica rich solutions which, over thousands of millennia, under pressure, will grow into fascinating Chalcedony formations.

Chalcedony is a micro crystalline (fine crystals visible only under a micro scope) Quartz that includes stones like Jaspers, Agates, Onyx, Petrified Wood and Flint. Agatized Coral is one of the hundreds of cousins in this massive gemstone family.

Coral will fossilize in one of two ways. Silica will replace a portion of the Coral, creating geodes, sometimes with brilliant boytrodial Quartz clusters inside. In extremely rare instances water will become trapped inside a geode. In the second occurrence, the Coral is completely replaced by silica creating some exotic specimens.

One of the oldest deposits of Agatized Coral is in Eastern West Virginia. Back before there were Appalachian Mountains this area was the happy home for Coral, Trilobites, Brachiopods and other primal sea creatures. Somewhere between 250 and 280 million years ago the North American continent slammed into Europe and Africa raising up the Appalachian Mountains. And burying the vibrant community that once flourished along the vanished shoreline.

Some Coral beds fossilized upside down, indicating tremendous turbulent forces. As centuries passed Limestone formed around sections of the Coral reef, protecting it from the elements and allowing the crystallization process to proceed undisturbed. This formation is called Hillsdale Limestone, it runs through Greenbrier and Pocahontas counties in West Virginia.

Tampa Bay is another location rich with Agatized Coral. Scientists speculate that a massive runoff of silt rich in clay and silica may have buried the prehistoric Coral Reef alive. Much like modern day runoff is killing many of our Reefs.

The most significant fact about the Agatized Coral found in Florida is the role it played in the lives of the first inhabitants there. Florida's warm climate and food rich environment was always attractive to humans wanting to escape Winter weather. The first visitors found little to work with in the way of stones. In need of spear points, knives and containers, they worked with the only materials available, a little Flint and lots of Agatized Coral. Archeologists have dug tools dating back to 5000 BC in sites around St. Petersburg, and Wesley Chapel.

In a proposed subdivision, archeologists found so many fragments in one 250 foot area that they determined it had once been the location of an important workshop. The developer agreed not to build on that one site, then finished constructing his 89 home subdivision over the rest of the area. The scientists were unable to examine any other lots.

Agatized Coral comes in reds, dark blues, grey, pink, tan, amber and black.

Working with Agatized Coral, gives you the benefit of two energies in one. The life energies of the Coral are preserved just as the physical shape is during the fossilization process. Plus the Quartz that replaced the organic material brings it's own unique vibrations to this crystal.

Coral has been used as a sacred tool in many cultures. Romans believed it had great healing powers. You'll find it very beneficial in recharging your energy levels, especially if you are recovering from a physical or mental trauma.

In the South Pacific island cultures used Coral to protect their loved ones that had crossed over. The Hindu also use Coral in the protection of their dead. They believe that the ocean is the home of Souls after death and that Coral will protect these Souls from evil spirits. Ancient Mediterranean civilizations believed Coral held the life force of the Mother Goddess.

Coral is also helpful for promoting inner peace and quieting your nagging thoughts. You can use it for communicating with past relations or for receiving and understanding Universal knowledge.

Because the harvesting of Coral means the killing of a life energy, using it in creative or magical workings can be dangerous. Which makes Agatized Coral the perfect substitute. These fossils carry their life force with them, preserved as vibrant Quartz clones.

The Quartz qualities in fossils like Agatized Coral and Petrified Wood make them perfect tools for working on past life memories. Quartz is a recorder of the past, present and future. These Chalcedony fossils allow you to tap into every past that is a part of your history, your Human journey.

Agatized Coral is a very loving gemstone. It helps magnify your awareness of our common connections. Showing you the power love has to create change throughout your life. Learn the strength to love your enemy, the courage to greet life with a giving heart under the guidance of this gentle crystal. Even under the most aggravating circumstances Agatized Coral can ease your irritability and help you feel better about your fellow Humans.

Find yourself in a rut lately? Do a simple meditation with this gemstone to break out of your doldrums. It will assist you in achieving excellence in your personal and professional life. Fossil Coral will help you recognize the real issues that are holding you back from your higher self.

If you plan to travel on or near water Agatized Coral is an excellent protective companion.
Vessels of various Chalcedony (probably including Agatized Coral) were often used to administer remedies because the stones were believed to enhance power and strength. It may also enhance the body's ability to absorb nutrients. The gemstone's calming nature aids with digestion.

Most fossils promote long life and Agates have numerous healing qualities. Some traditions believe they prevent snake bites, bee stings and insect bites. They have also been used to relieve thirst and reduce fevers. The crystal can bring the various functions of your body into harmony improving your general health.

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