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Amazonite is a feldspar. A group of opaque to translucent gemstones that are made up of silicates with alumina inclusions. Moonstone & Labradorite are examples of translucent feldspar specimens. Most Amazonite gems are opaque, but some rare crystals can be nicely translucent.

Initially it was believed that Amazonite’s color came from Copper. More recently, geologist have determined that it is organic matter (decaying leaves, wood, animal waste, etc) that give the gemstone its different shades of green. Which can range from dark emerald greens to almost blue. The majority of Amazonite gems are streaked, usually with white, but sometimes red or yellow.
Less common unstreaked gems are used for jewelry settings. Especially those in the darker shades of green.

Most Amazonite forms as portions of Granite & other similar stones. Crystals up to a foot long have grown in druzes that formed in the cracks & crevices of ancient sedimentary stones.
Some of the most sought after Amazonite comes from the Ural Mountains in Russia. These darker green specimens are found along with Topaz near Lake Ilmen in the Urals.
Near Pike’s Peak in Colorado (USA), beautiful Amazonite crystals are enclosed with a gray Quartz & a flesh red feldspar. Magnificent green specimens are mined with Mica in Virginia.
In the middle 1800’s a green mineral was discovered along the Amazon river & the term Amazon-stone or Amazonite became attached to this green feldspar.
Years later the gem from South America was determined to be a type of Jadeite. However, the feldspar was already stuck with its new name.
Amazonite does not have an ancient tradition as a healing or power stone. This seems to be true of many gemstones that are not frequently used in jewelry.
You may use Amazonite to help calm all your Chakras after you’ve been exposed to erratic or disturbing energies. It will rejuvenate your Heart Chakra & also works well with the Throat Chakra.
In business, use Amazonite to give you strength in making tough decisions. It helps stop negative thinking that leaves you believing you are merely a victim of fate. The gemstone can assist you in determining your own course of action, alleviating the fears that often freeze your steps.
If you are emotional, Amazonite can help you regulate your ups & downs & be more balanced in your feelings. It also balances the male/female energies or Yin/Yang, helping you to see & use your own abilities to their fullest potential.
Amazonite will assist you in developing a more trusting relationship with Spirit, God. The stone helps you to trust your intuitions more, instead of always rationalizing them away.
In healing energies, Amazonite can help prevent tooth decay & osteoporosis by assisting the body with the absorption of calcium. It can relax muscle spasms & provide for the proper flow of energy through the nervous system.
Amazonite is also useful in relieving cramps from menstruation. During childbirth it assists with the natural dilation of the birth canal, allowing for an easier delivery. It heals the physical damage to the body, especially the heart, caused by grief.
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