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Carnelian is a survivor’s stone. As the host stone (the stone that the gem forms in) erodes away, the harder Carnelian becomes free, surviving the ravages of time.

This gemstone is a member of the Chalcedony family. Chalcedony can be an opaque stone, as in Jasper, Onyx or Agates; or they can be translucent like the Carnelian.

A silica (Quartz) based gem, Chalcedony pseudomorphs the crystalline form of whatever mineral becomes included as the hydrothermal solutions cooled.

The red in Carnelian comes from ferric oxide (rusted iron). If the ferric oxides become hydrated, the gemstone will be more yellow or brown.

The color of a yellow or brown Carnelian can be altered by exposing the stone to heat. This removes the excess moisture, making the gem more red & increases the value. It is not uncommon for these less desirable stones to be commercially heated & resold for jewelry settings.

Carnelians form in cavities, cracks & crevices of volcanic rocks. As the more porous volcanic rock disintegrates, the round nodules of gemstones are loosened & swept away into streams & watersheds.

Many deposits of Carnelian come from these stream beds. India, Brazil & Uruguay all have generous sources of jewelry quality stones.

Blocks of Carnelian weighing over 3 pounds have been found in the Bajpipla Hills on the lower Narbada River. Pebbles of Carnelian & other Chalcedony are found in almost every river in India.

Siberia, Dutch Guiana, Queensland & Japan have insignificant deposits of Carnelian. The Japanese traded strands of the gem with the Dutch at one time.

Geologist consider a uniformly red Carnelian with no faults “masculine”, a pale or yellow/red gemstone “feminine”.

Egyptians used Carnelian to prevent anger, envy, & hatred. Renaissance magicians kept a Carnelian amulet in the home to protect themselves from enchantments & to guard against storms.

This versatile power stone can be used for protection, healing, harmonizing engeries & more.
Believed to prevent depression, the gemstone actually helps build self-confidence & courage. Giving the user a stronger sense of self & a more optimistic outlook.

Carnelian works with any of the first four Chakras, helping to increase physical energy.

Speakers & performers should carry a Carnelian. It attracts the right words to the speaker, gives a performer confidence & improves your sense of drama.

Use a Carnelian to cleanse other gemstones of harmful energies. Or to bring harmony into your home. It will also help your reconnect your spiritual self with your physical self.

As a healing stone, it promotes long life. While other stones surrounding it dissolve with the wear of time, the Carnelian lives on.

It strengthens the blood, helping it to clot. Some sources say it can prevent nosebleeds & can assist in healing cuts. It also eliminates toxins from the body & prevents stress related health problems.

Use Carnelian to stimulate healthy sexual energy or protect against skin disease. It may also be helpful in treating gall stones, kidney stones, the spleen, or pancreas.

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