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Technically Apophyllite is the term for a classification of phyllosilicate crystals. There are two to four (depending on the reference) crystals within this group of hydrous calcium potassium sodium fluorsilicates, a complicated chemical formula that creates a fairly complex crystal.

Fluorapophyllite and Hydroxyapophyllite are the primary crystals identified as Apophyllites. These two crystals have only slight variations in their fluorine to hydroxyl ions. Natroapophyllite (an extremely rare brown crystal) and Carletonite are the two other members of the Apophyllite family, though not all references mention these two. The chemical variations on these stones is much greater than with the fluora and hydroxy Apophyllites. They contain aluminum and are much stronger and harder than the others.

However, when the vast majority of people talk about Apophyllite, they are referring to the Fluorapophyllite and Hydroxyapophyllite and that is what I concentrated my research on. Besides, that's who I found the most information for.

Apophyllite is one of the most unique crystals in the mineral world. The crystal grows in a series of alternating sheets of silicate and potassium, sodium, calcium, fluorine and water. These sheets are interconnected by four and eight member rings that form an unusual four fold symmetry. It is this growth pattern that creates Apophyllite's signature diamond face. Most crystals work with patterns of 3 (6, 12, etc) and their terminated faces tend to be pyramidal with three sides. In addition, the crystal will also grow in cubic, flat tabular, granular and compact formations. Sometimes uneven points give the illusion of being octahedral.

Crystals normally form when magma and other hydrothermal solutions reach such high temperatures that everything in the area melts. Apophyllite grows in much lower temperatures. It still forms in pipes, lenses and other basaltic and volcanic rocks, but long after the initial cataclysm, when things have begun to calm and cool down.

India has a well deserved reputation for producing exquisite Apophyllite specimens. Prehnite, Stilbite, Okenite and Heulandite crystallize under similar conditions and are often discovered with beautiful Apophyllite formations growing on them.

The US and Canada have also produced their fair share of Apophyllite. Incredible, glass-like crystals have been found near the Copper mines in Michigan. The stone is also available in Scotland, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Iceland. Water clear and green colored specimens are the most sought after. White, gray, yellow and red are other Apophyllite colors, and the rare brown Natroapophyllite. Some Fluorapophyllite specimens will glow in the dark.
Apophyllite's name comes from two Greek words, apa and phyllon. They mean off and leaf. Because of its high moisture content, when the crystal is heated, the different layers will "leaf off" as water evaporates.

This leafy quality make the crystal almost unusable as a jewelry stone, but it is very popular for its spiritual strengths.

Apophyllite is an important crystal for practicing astral travel. It provides an anchor to the physical body while the spirit explores. Knowledge that you access during your travels will remain imprinted on your conscious mind, allowing for easy recall. For these same reasons, you may want to carry the crystal on Vision Quests.

Use Apophyllite as a meditation tool, it can stimulate and open your Third Eye Chakra when you place the base of the crystal pyramid on your brow. The crystal opens pathways to guides, spirits, angels, faeries and allows you easy access for channeling.

As a companion crystal, Apophyllite attracts joy into your life, keeps your heart light and open. You'll see life with a bright new perspective and gain trust in your ability to do what is best for you. You will learn to recognize the perfect truths in all things, to better see the imbalances in your own life and how to correct them.

Just as the galaxy spins and rotates every day in perfect trust of the divine plan, this crystal can teach you to live your life with the same perfection. A planet has never doubted its path around the Sun, your path was designed with the same perfection, allow that trust to be a part of your daily thoughts.

There were very few healing recommendations for Apophyllite. One reference did mention that an elixir brought rejuvenation and new energy to those suffering from lethargy. It definitely provides relief from stress and can ease aches and pains brought on by the trauma of stress. If you've had any healing experiences with Apophyllite, I would be very grateful if you would share them.

Several new Apophyllite clusters with gorgeous points have just arrived with a shipment of minerals from India. You can also find Prehnite, Stilbite and Okenite in the New Arrivals department.

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