Thursday, April 19, 2007


Hematite, the main product of iron, can be found all over the world. It accounts for 90% of the iron mined in the US. It provides the color in numerous sedimentary rocks, like Sandstone.

A totally opaque gemstone, Hematite is 70% iron and 30% oxygen. This bit of information, prompted me to get out a magnet, and yes, my Hematite stone did react. It began spinning in resistance to the magnet's pull.

Hematite can crystallize in plates, rounded botryoidal bumps or even in rhombohedral crystals. Often it will occur as a red inclusion in other gems or crystals.

It was the original stone to be referred to as Bloodstone. Some specimens, when cut, will "bLeed" oxidized iron, which is red. The ancient traditional spelling of this stone, Haematite, comes from the Greek word meaning blood stone

In Utah and Arizona it formed iron roses, hexagonal plates of Hematite spread out in disorganized patterns that resemble a rose.

Thick plate crystals have been found in Brazil, along with iridescent specimens called Rainbow Hematite. Italy's Elba Island also produces this brilliant Hematite. England, Spain, Germany, the Alps and the huge iron belt around the Great Lakes all boast large deposits of this gemstone.

Before more modern and cheaper methods were developed, Hematite was used as a pigment in red and black dyes. Dust for polishing softer gemstones and crystals has been manufactured from Hematite.

Hematite's use as a healing stone goes back into old Egypt and Mesopotamia. It has been found adorning cylinders and signet rings in the tombs of the Pharaohs.

As a power stone, Hematite is closely tied to Mother Earth. This makes it a perfect Base Chakra gem, aligning your physical energies with those of the Earth.

Hematite can help create a calm environment, allowing you to sort out mental conflicts. It will aid in removing self imposed limits, helping you reach for the sun while staying grounded in your expectations.

Use this gem to transform harmful energies into loving ones. Brings about your own inner peace, happiness and self control, making it easier for you to love others.

For students and engineers, it aids in solving mathematical calculations, improves technical knowledge, memory and mental dexterity.

Hematite is an excellent meditation stone for beginners. It will help you achieve a mild meditative state, while allowing you to remain safely grounded, preventing emotional disruption or shock.

Ancient healing traditions for Hematite were originally described using the name Bloodstone.
It was used to stop the flow of blood from wounds and drawing poisons from the body. You can still use a Hematite to draw fever or other illnesses from the body.

Hematite also makes a wonderful elixir. Use it to treat anemia, it will aid the blood in absorbing iron. It can also be useful for treating insomnia, leg cramps and nervous disorders.

Chiropractors can use a Hematite to aid in spinal alignments. It may also be helpful in healing broken bones.

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