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Like the ubiquitous Quartz Crystal, Calcite crystals are found everywhere. About 4% of the Earth’s surface contains some of type of Calcite.

This calcium carbonate will form during any type of geological event. It occurs in all types of rock formations, in fact Calcite serves as the cement that holds sandstones & shales together.

Similar to Tiger Eye & Moonstone, Calcite consists of fine fibers, compressed under extreme pressures, to create a satiny & highly refractive surface.

Given enough heat & pressure, it will become Marble or Mexican Onyx. Along with Aragonite & Gypsum, these stones make up the Satin-Spar mineral family.

While considered very common, the variety of ways this crystal can form is far from that. Over 300 different crystal formations have been identified, which can combine to create thousands of variations on the Calcite theme.

One of the more beautiful & rare Calcite crystals is the Dogtooth Spar or Dogtooth Calcite. This crystal grows in a double pyramid or dipyramid with an elongated point resembling a dog’s tooth. Specimens can be crystal clear to an amber/orange.

Cave formations like Stalactites, Stalagmites, Soda Straws, Cave Pearls, etc. are also types of Calcite formations. Some geologists believe that caves & caverns are created by the constant percolating of acidic waters through the Earth’s surface & dissolving the calcium carbonate rich limestone.

As these Calcite rich waters enter a dry cavern, the water begins to evaporate & precipitate (rain) the Calcite. The result is a very pure, clear Calcite with occasional inclusions of iron & other minerals.

Calcite has an important environmental impact. Sea organisms (Corals, Algae, etc.) are nourished & grow from Calcite created by drawing carbon dioxide out of the water. By utilizing the carbon dioxides in the water to accomplish this, more CO2 is pulled from the atmosphere to dissolve in the ocean creating a carbon dioxide filter for the planet. Helping to alleviate the green house effect.

Some theories contend this CO2 filtering process was an important factor in creating an inhabitable Earth.

Clear specimens of Calcite are referred to as Iceland Spar, even though the majority of these pieces now come from Mexico.

This clear crystal has a unique double refraction quality. Take a piece of paper & draw a line on it. Set your piece of clear Calcite over the line & you will see twin lines, side by side.

This doubling effect also works in using Calcite as a power crystal. It can intensify energies you are trying to create, doubling the output of your work.

If you have a tendency to be lazy, carry Calcite as a companion stone. It will help you work through challenges that normally would slow you down. Gives you the energy to put your thoughts into action.

Calcite is an excellent Chakra tool, helping you to amplify your energy field. Use the rainbow of colors this crystal comes in to work with the corresponding Chakra. Optical Calcite clears & energizes the Crown Chakra & activates all seven.

(Corresponding colors for your Chakras: Base - Red; Stomach - Orange; Diaphragm - Yellow; Heart - Green; Throat - Blue; Forehead - Indigo; Crown - Purple)

Calcite allows you to trust yourself, inspires spiritual growth in adults & physical growth in children. Improves memory, brings successful results from your efforts which creates optimism.

You get several health benefits from Calcite. If you are trying to lose weight, it can stimulate your metabolism to burn calories faster. Calcite will give you a stronger immune system, healthy tissue & bones & aids in absorbing calcium.

It can help regulate your heart’s rhythm & assists in forming blood clots. Calcite helps your body remember how it felt to be healthy, allowing it to achieve that state once more.

Calcite Elixirs bring quick & very noticeable results. (Vol. 1, Issue 12)

The rainbow of colors this crystal comes in brings these additional energies:
Clear - see through double meanings, aids communication
Red - strengthens commitments, improves sexual health & energy
Pink - calming, effective in creating love energies
Blue - purifies & cleanses, use for promoting Calcite’s healing energies
Green - effective in preventing infections, fights disease causing micro-organisms
Optical Calcite is found in the HEALTH Stone Power Prayer Pouch from Ozark Rock Exchange.

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