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Iron plays an energetic part in the formation and coloring of many crystals. One of Mother's most dramatic mineral creations utilizing this metal is the Bronzite gemstone. These magical stones are the result of the ancient primal dance of weather and geological trauma with the ubiquitous Iron and Silica.

Bronzite is the middle sibling in a family of crystals called Pyroxenes. The older and younger siblings are Hypersthene and Enstatite. Such is their family tree, that one story cannot be told without the other.

Hypersthene is the oldest known member of this family and has a very dim history among the ancient Greeks. Its name means simply extreme strength, referring to the fact that it is a stronger stone than Hornblende, which it was frequently confused with. Enstatite was first described in 1855 by geologist G. A. Kenngott. Its name also comes from Greek word enstates. It means opponent and refers to the gem's refractive qualities.

Hypersthene and Enstatite are Magnesium rich silicate (Quartz) crystals. They are found both in igneous (formed by lava or magma) rocks and on meteorites. The most desired Enstatite is a gorgeous green gem called Chrome-Enstatite in reference to the Chromium content in the gem.

Some of the Magnesium in the Hypersthene gems is replaced by Iron which contributes to the crystal's value as a gemstone. In some Hypersthenes the Iron molecule divides itself into microscopic thin films of oxides and hydroxides. These zones form natural separations within the crystal's structure. When the crystal is cut and polished along these cleavage zones they exhibit a beautiful metal schiller or cat's eye effect. This property is also the reason why the early Greeks confused the stone with Hornblende.

Both Enstatite and Hypersthene can also form beautiful translucent to transparent orthorhombic crystals. These are often faceted into very lovely brown, green and black gemstones.

Bronzite, the middle child between these two gemstones is the result of the weathering of Enstatite and Hypersthene. As wind, rain and other elements break down the soft (but strong) crystals more and more of the Magnesium is replaced by Iron, Hematite and Goethite (Iron derivatives). The final result is a dark black, brown or greenish stone speckled and streaked with golden metallic patterns.

Like its older sibling, Hypersthene, the finest Bronzite specimens will also exhibit the shimmering chatoyancy effect known as cats eye. However, even the more common pieces capture the eye with flashes from its metallic composition. Bronzite is also identified/classified as Ferroan Enstatite, though it is physically closer to Hypersthene.

A variety of locations worldwide yield these three crystal siblings: India, Austria, South Africa, England, Labrador, Greenland, Norway, Sweden and in several areas of the US. Hypersthene crystals have been found in domes formed by ancient lava flows from Mount St. Helens. Bronzite is found with Garnets in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Enstatite crystals were discovered embedded in Iron rich meteorites near Bohemia in Europe. Foot long crystals have been taken from Apatite veins in the mines of southern Norway.

History has little memory of Bronzite or its sibling gemstones. Perhaps this is because the gem's highly energetic nature is better suited to these centuries.

You may find sleeping with this gemstone to be very difficult. However it's vibrate energies are perfect for the intense demands and pressures today's society puts on your waking hours. Not only will Bronzite assist you in powering through difficult tasks, it will also help you to see the whole picture. So that you better understand the value of completing tedious details in order to reach the final goal.

Receptionists, hostesses, those that greet and assist the public may want to adopt a Bronzite as a companion gemstone. It will promote courtesy, helping you to remain polite with the rudest guests. Plus it will instill a more polite nature in those around you, maybe even rubbing off on one or two of those not so nice guests.

Do you have difficulty in making decisions, or facing a challenging choice? Meditating with a Bronzite will help you "feel" your way through the pros and cons. We often have more confidence to follow through when we feel good about our decision. This gemstone is excellent at assisting you in tapping into these "gut" feelings.

Many live in a state of denial when it comes to the physical impact of emotional pain. Bronzite's high vibrations break through these types of blocks that are preventing you from healing. Be careful, this gemstone's intense nature forces many feelings to the surface. Once you start working with your Bronzite to heal this type of hurt, it will not allow you to turn back. This strong and forthright gem will insist that your see your task to completion.

The heavy Iron content of Bronzite makes it a powerful first Chakra healer. Stones exhibiting the cat's eye effect are also effective at opening and balancing the Third Chakra. It should also assist the body in absorbing Iron and maintaining healthy levels of the mineral. Some believe the crystal promotes higher acid levels in the body which help to fight off infections

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