Thursday, April 19, 2007


Labradorite is a magical gemstone. It has the ability to capture light. Once trapped inside its crystal prison, Light dances a brilliant ballet of colors

The geological reason for this is as fascinating as the effect it creates. Labradorite consists of silica, alumina, iron, lime, soda and potash. When these minerals have been melted together, their chemical structures are very compatible. As they cool, however, they become incompatible creating varying crystal layers that have separated at different depths. This inter growth or structure is called lamellar.

When light enters a Labradorite, it literally becomes ensnared in these layers. Reflecting from one layer to the next. When the light finally exits the stone its wave length has slowed considerably.

The thickness of these layers and the speed of the light wave determine what colors you’ll see in a Labradorite. The most familiar color is blue. Rarer specimens will reflect red, gold, green or violet. Labradorescence or Schiller effect are terms jewelers and geologists have given this amazing phenomenon

It is unusual for Labradorite to form crystals. When it does, they are triclinic (similar to Tourmaline crystals) and often twinned. Usually the gem is found as huge masses in metamorphic or igneous stones.

Labradorite is a member of the Feldspar family. Its history is much younger than its siblings Moonstone and Sunstone. The gem was discovered by missionaries along the Labrador coast in 1770. Some of these first stones (one slab was two feet by one foot) were presented to the British Museum in 1777.

Today specimens are found in Canada, Scandinavia, Finland, Madagascar, Russia, Romania, Australia, New South Wales and Newfoundland. Unique, clear Labradorite specimens have been found in Utah.

Though it has only been among humans a short time, Labradorite was quickly adopted as a power stone. It is associated with both Moon and Sun energies. Appropriate when you consider the stone’s dark appearance, until light is captured within.

This balance of light and dark make Labradorite a powerful tool. Use the strength of perfect balance to persevere through obstacles and emerge with a brighter spiritual light.

Use transformative properties in the gem to understand your destiny, then know and make the changes needed to achieve it. Allow your intuition to become part of your thought process.

Labradorite is a great stone for teachers. Especially teachers bringing a new message of love and light for humankind’s advancement. It will illuminate your lesson and aid assimilation.

It will also eliminate illusions, light a clear path to your goal. Keep a Labradorite near to stimulate your imagination, or when your inner child needs play time. You may find some bright new ideas shining through.

I know a couple of light workers that are highly attracted to Labradorite. Both are trying to awaken the imprisoned light within and bring about enlightenment.

An excellent gem for Journeys or meditation, allowing you to calmly move through various dimensions of being.

Use the Moon and Sun energies in Labradorite to bring your physical and spiritual bodies into alignment with the natural cycles of the Universe. Building this bond with the universal cycles will instill the confident knowledge that you face nothing alone.

If you deal with a stressful job, the stone will help replenish your physical and emotional stamina. These calming energies are wonderful for lowering blood pressure.

Other healing energies from Labradorite include for relief from cold symptoms. I can attest to its effectiveness. Friends and family have been falling victim to a recent cold virus. All this week I have carried a Labradorite (something I do for each article I research), and have barely had a sniffle.

You may find some relieve for rheumatism and gout with this gem. It will bring your body into a healthy regular cycle, aiding digestion and elimination. It can bring clarity to patients suffering from brain disorders.

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