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Apatite's name comes from a Greek word, apatao (apate, apatan), that means deception or to deceive. They called it a deceitful stone because its appearance has been confused with other stones. Even in its crystal state it has been mistaken for Tourmalines and Beryls.

However, it doesn't seem right to blame the crystal for our misidentification. This is not a crystal that behaves in a deceitful manner.

Apatites are crystals of Calcium Phosphate. Fluorine, Chlorine and Hyroxyl influence the type of crystal that results in Fluorapatite, Chlorapatite or Hydroxylapatite. Though some of each element is present in almost every Apatite crystal, with rarer specimens consisting totally of just one of the elements.

Crystals can be long or stubby six sided (hexagonal), very similar to the Beryl, or long columns like Tourmaline. Some crystals are flat and tabular, others grow into needles (acicular), and some have even formed into stalactites. Apatite crystals are some of the very first ones to form in Pegmatites and ore veins that are created by volcanic or hydrothermal activities.

Massive blocks are found in igneous and some sedimentary stone formations . These cryptocrystalline (Chalcedony is cryptocrystalline) formations are sometimes called Collophane are a major source for phosphate rocks(phosphorites) and fossil bones. Phosphorites are the primary source of phosphorus, an element plants and animals need to survive. Rain and weather break down and erode the phosphorus from the stone, which is dissolved into the soil then absorbed by plants. Which in turn use it to build cell structure. Animals eat the plants absorbing phosphorus to build strong bones and teeth.

This gemstone is found in a variety of colors, from earthy brown crystals to neon blue, purple, green, yellow and even red stones have been found. This rainbow of colors is another reason for the stone's reputation for confusion. Apatite is found in abundance around the world, but a few locations have produced some uniquely exquisite specimens.

Mount Apatite in Maine USA has shared a vibrant violet gemstone with us. Madagascar and Tanzania's neon blue and turquoise crystals are world famous. Golden yellow gems of Apatite come from Durango Mexico and rich green crystals (originally thought to be Tourmaline) have been found in San Diego California. Russia and Germany have what some consider to be the finest bluish purple gemstones. Sri Lanka produces an Apatite that exhibits a shimmering cat's eye.

Another interesting place that Apatite is found is the mouths of mammals. It is one of the minerals that make up our teeth. The Ivory on an Elephant is 65% Apatite, the rest is collogen (which is composed of Copper).

Most of the world's Apatite is broken down into phosphates for industrial fertilizers. These phosphates are also used in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. As one of the softer crystals, it has not been a popular gemstone for jewelry, despite Apatite's vivid colors. Faceting the stone is difficult and it is easily scratched or broken unless worn in a protective setting, preferably not a ring. Steam and ultra sonic cleaners should not be used to physically cleanse Apatite jewelry.

I found no references that indicated stones were radiated or heat-treated by the jewelry industry. You can be pretty confident that an Apatite jewelry piece (if you can find it) will be what it says it is.

While the Apatite has a long history with Humans, there seems to be very few traditions associated with it. This may be a result of our earlier misunderstandings about the gemstone's identity. A confused ancient history should not stop us from adopting this loving gemstone into our lives.

Apatite crystals are wonderful companions if you work in service to your fellow relations. Healers, teachers, counselors and other professions dedicated to the aid of others will find their communication skills greatly improved by carrying this gemstone. It will assist you in recognizing situations and lessons that will be beneficial for both you and your student/patient.

If your emotions tend to override your reason on a much too regular basis, Apatite will help you balance this out. Allowing you to eliminate the confusion and fear that causes your feelings to overreact to a situation. Calming energies from this gemstone will give you time to breath, and approach your problem from a mental perspective instead of an emotional one.

Students can use this stone to help heighten their intellectual skills. As a study crystal, Apatite helps you to "experience" your lessons so that you understand new information on a more fundamental level.

Are you painfully shy at parties and other gatherings? Carry an Apatite, feel your confidence increase and suddenly you are the life of the party. This is a stone that loves bringing people together. It brings a sense of security and harmony, instilling trust so that we overcome the inhibitions that keep us from connecting with each other.

The blue and purple varieties of this gemstone are excellent for improving your intuitive and psychic skills. It is believed to be a vision stone and it has a very strong effect on the 6th, Third Eye Chakra. Apatite may also add strength to your creative workings and will enhance your intentions when used in conjunction with other gemstones.

Gold and red Apatite crystals are wonderful motivators. Working with the second the third Chakra, they can help you stay focused and on-target while you are working towards your goal.

Earthy brown crystals are highly protective and Cat's Eye stones from Sri Lanka have been used for protection against the so-called "evil eye".

If your new year's resolution included a diet, Apatite comes highly recommended (in almost every reference) as an appetite suppressant. It is also believed to help stimulate the appetite when the body needs to correct an imbalance. Healers that already use stones in their therapy will find it greatly improves the vibrations and strengths of your other crystals.

Phosphorus that comes from the phosphates in Apatite is important building blocks for cells and bones. Elixirs of Apatite would probably be beneficial to anyone healing from illnesses that attack the cells, like Cancer. It should also aid with bone strength, healthier teeth and relief from joint pains.

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