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Fluorite was formed as the result of violently rising hydrothermal solutions (water & melted minerals) containing calcium & fluorine. As these solutions erupted towards the surface they formed dikes (pegmatites) & filled fissures & faults (metasomatic & igneous rocks) along the way.

Fluorite usually formed in areas noted for faults, rifts & volcanic activity. The massive deposits of Fluorite in Illinois are found at Rosiclar & Cave-in-Rock in the southern part of the state. The alkaline rich Wabash & Reelfoot rift zones, the famous faults responsible for the New Madrid earthquakes, are in the same area.

These Fluorite crystals began forming between 100 & 250 million years ago.
Colors in this crystal can range from clear to deep rich purples. The purest Fluorite, containing only calcium & fluorine, is crystal clear. The reds, greens, blues & purples come from inclusions of aluminum, iron or manganese. Some forms of Fluorite are fluorescent, these contain organic inclusions, rare earth elements or an unbonded fluorine.

Fluorite also has an unusual cleavage (refers to how the stone breaks when cut) pattern. Referred to as an octahedral cleavage, this crystal will break/cut in four identical directions (ESWN)

Rich veins of Fluorite are found worldwide; England (some of the most prized red specimens come from English mines), Spain, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, - the largest deposits are in Illinois in the US & in China. Two Chinese mines, the Chenlou & Jianshan Fluorite Mines have known deposits of over 7 million tons combined.

Fluere is Latin for flow & is the origination of Fluorite’s name. While the crystal can explode violently when it is directly heated (many specimens contain vacuums & gas bubbles that expand when exposed to heat), when mixed with other materials, it melts very easily. This trait has made it a popular “flux” & is used in manufacturing steel & aluminum. Fluorite is also used to make hydrofluoric acids (used in pottery, optics & plastics), to produce opalescent glass & to apply enamel to cookware.

While Fluorite has a long industrial history, its use as a power stone appears to be fairly recent. This may be due in part to its unreliability as a gemstone. The cleavage pattern & brittle nature of the crystal has made it unpopular in jewelry settings. The majority of crystals & stones with ancient magical histories were also used in ancient pieces of jewelry.

I have found Fluorite to be a highly effective “brain” stone, allowing you to use your creativity to build wealth. It strengthens your ability to analyze situations with emotional detachment giving you truer perceptions.

Fluorite will strengthen your concentration, helping you bring order from chaos. Use it to create stable energies within groups, your relationship or even yourself. It can produce an energy that encourages intellectual & physical perfection, balancing the two.

If you are in college, or researching an upcoming project, Fluorite will help you absorb information quickly & conceptualize new ideas. I keep a Fluorite chunk on my desk & on my altar.

Use Fluorite with other gemstones & crystals in a medicine bag. It’s energy will help the powers of the other stones flow together, allowing them to work as one to achieve your medicine.

For healing, Fluorite will assist in overcoming the chaos head trauma patients suffer. Some have used the crystal for the treatment of tumors; Fluorite may prevent damage to RNA/DNA & repair present damage. It is useful with infections such as staph, herpes & canker sores. Use Fluorite following an illness in a purification ritual.

Fluorite is included in the Abundance Stone Power Prayer Pouch from Ozark Rock Exchange.

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