Thursday, April 19, 2007


Simple Limestone. Extreme geological forces infuse this Limestone with a unique combination of minerals. Heat, pressure and time transform a mundane stone into an entrancing swirl of layered purples, black, orange, green and translucent colors.

Charoite takes its name from a Russian word that means charming or magical. Since this rare gemstone only occurs along the Chary River at Aldan in Eastern Siberia, its mere existence is true magic.

This complicated silicate includes calcium, potassium, sodium, barium and strontium. It was formed when Limestone became mixed with an alkali rich nephline syenite intrusion. Nowhere, outside of Russia, did this unique event, where the right combination of chemicals and Earth forces, came together to create Charoite.

When Charoite crystallizes, it forms thin monoclinic growths. Normally it forms in masses, or as a druze along a host stone. Inclusions of Augite are responsible for black patches; the greens and whites are from Feldspars, and the oranges are from Tinaksite.

We are only just beginning to become acquainted with Charoite. The stone is believed to have been first discovered by the Russians in the late 1940's. It was not known outside the secretive Soviet Union until the mid 1970's.

Charoite was quickly adopted as a power stone to aid in transformations. It survived great trauma, only to become more beautiful. This is a wonderful lesson. You cannot avoid change in your life. You can use this stone to flow through the changes. Allow yourself to recognize how awesome you are, to survive each powerful transformation.

You can also use the stone to change negative thoughts, beliefs that you carry about yourself. Do some Spring cleaning in your heart and mind. Clear out those thoughts that say you can't, or shouldn't.

Sleeping with the stone will bring lucid dreams. If you pay attention, these dreams will reveal the fears that keep you frozen. Helping you heal and release the destructive energies of that fear.

Use a Charoite as a meditation tool, follow the swirls into higher dimensions. Open your Crown Chakra, or use it to bond your Heart and your Crown Chakra. Accept your connection to All Your Relations with unconditional love. Know that love is returned to you.

It can reveal to you the sources of your inner strengths. Help you balance your spiritual and physical dimensions.

Charoite will show you sources of harmful energies, help you recognize a potential threat. With patience, and listening, it will also show you a clear resolution to your challenges. Helping you evolve into a more beautiful human by letting go of resentments. You'll also start to see how you benefit from situations that initially felt as if they would overwhelm you.

Very few healing qualities have been assigned to this stone, again, we are just beginning to understand Charoite's powers. It may aid in transmuting a sick body into a healthy one. I have carried one for the last two weeks and have been completely headache free (I suffer from frequent headaches).

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