Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eczema Natural Treatment: Electronic Gemstone Therapy

Electronic gem therapy is an unconventional therapy that has been catching on in popularity because it is fun and relaxing. You may be surprised to learn that electronic gem therapy can also be used to heal your eczema prone skin. In fact, this eczema natural treatment is backed by a number of conclusive case studies that attest to its effectiveness.

Eletronic gem therapy was not started as a result of a marketing gimmick. It is originally based on Ayurvedic wisdom but has been adapted to modern times and technology.

This therapy stipulates that every color of gemstones has a corresponding illness that it can heal, including eczema. It uses both light energy and precious stones to reach your body cells on a subatomic level. It assimilates energy to injured tissues through the use of gemstones dielectric resonating characteristics. Hence, it stimulates the natural healing abilities of your body.

For eczema, emerald, together with green filtered light, is recommended. Aside from emerald, other green precious gem can also be used. Green chrysoberyl, green onyx, and aventurine (green quartz) can also be good substitutes for emerald. If you suffer from irritated skin, sapphire can also be used in conjunction with a green gemstone.

Emerald is said to effectively reduce skin reddening in an instant. According to Ayurvedic Medicine, eczema can be caused by an overheated liver. This is true especially in the case of children. Emerald has properties that apparently cools down the liver and reduce the symptoms of itching.

During an electronic gem therapy session, your affected skin is exposed to light with a low voltage lamp. This is no ordinary lamp however. The lamb has a compartment that can contain the gemstones. The electronic pulses emitting from the lamp allows the gemstones to exert needed energy to facilitate healing.

A single session of electronic gem therapy for eczema can last for one and a half hour. You will be required to sit on a reclined chair. The lamp with the gemstones is then directed to the part of your skin that needs treatment.

Electronic gem therapy may be able to offer instant relief for mild cases of eczema. However, for severe eczema, one treatment session is not enough. You may need 5 to 6 sessions before you can benefit from the healing powers of this treatment.

Perhaps, the greatest appeal to electronic gem therapy versus other eczema natural treatments is that the session itself is a fascinating one. Children with eczema will be entranced by the emission of beautiful and brightly colored lights. Do consult your natural health practitioner if you are keen to try this form of treatment.

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