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I remember the very first time I saw Dumortierite. It was a sphere, hidden amongst a cluttered display of dozens of polished crystal balls. Except there was something electric about the blues in this stone that grabbed my attention. Initially, I thought the stone flashed at me, but closer examination revealed a mesmerizing depth of blue I'd never seen in any other blue gemstone or crystal. Not a flash like Labradorite or Tiger's Eye, but a richness of color that almost exploded out of the stone. I loved it immediately.

Dumortierite is a aluminum mineral with traces of borax and silica. The most sought after specimens are violet to blue in color, but it also occurs in white, brown, black and red. Or any combination of these colors. Gemstones that fall into the more purple spectrum are believed to include traces of Titanium (Rutiles).

Rare crystals grow in fibrous formations and can be fairly translucent. More common, massive formations are usually completely opaque. Crystal formations are orthorhombic, meaning they form three separate, but parallel axis as they are growing.

Dumortierite can also be found as an inclusion in Blue Aventurine or Dumortierite Quartz. The crystalline fibers will inter grow with the Quartz creating a dramatic layering of color inside the stone. It gives the Quartz something of a two-dimensional feeling.

The crystal usually formed as aluminum sediments reacted with borax when they were subjected to some form of metamorphic influence like water, volcanic activity or earthquakes. Massive deposits of Dumortierite can be found in sedimentary stones within these "contact" zones. Crystals and Blue Aventurine are often discovered in pegmatites. Grandidierite, Kornerupine, Werdingite and Harkerite are a few of the more rare neosilicate boro-silicates that are occasionally mined with Dumortierite. Another, more common member of this crystal family is Tourmaline.

This gemstone was first identified in 1881 by M F Gonnard in Lyon France. He named the stone for Eugene Dumortier, who was a French paleontologist of the time. Dumortierite is found near Lyon, plus the United States, Madagascar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Norway, Poland and Canada.

As one of the harder minerals available, Dumortierite is used in a variety of manufacturing roles. For ceramics, porcelain, spark plugs and in aluminum refractories.

Even though Dumortierite has only been known for the last few hundred years, its rich deep blue colors has made it very popular for opening the Third Eye (one of your psychic zones) and for viewing past the veil into alternative realities.

Personally I have seen an increase in imagery in my dreams and the appearance of omens or portents in those dreams. The most relevant occurred while I was working on a rather expensive request from a new customer. This customer had an unusual purchase that he had insisted only I could help him with. In addition, the customer was very anxious for me to complete this transaction quickly. To protect myself, I requested some documentation from the customer, which he provided. The morning I was suppose to complete this transaction I awoke from an intriguing dream.

In the dream, I was sorting through a new shipment of stones, introducing myself to the new arrivals, when a snake popped out from between the boxes. I noticed it was not a snake one would normally find in Missouri and was confused. "Why is there a snake in my house", I asked, then turned to the snake asking "where did you come from?". At that point the snake began attacking me and I woke up from the dream. Immediately concerned that the customer I was working with was going to "bite me". Sure enough, when I called the credit card company in inquire about the customer I was informed he was using a fraudulent credit card. I thanked Snake for saving me a great deal of money and Dumortierite for the dream.

You will also find Dumortierite excellent for opening up communication with your Angels and Spirit Guides. It will assist you in communicating spiritual concepts to others and better understanding unusual or mystical events you experience.

If you own a business, the stone may help you better organize files, procedures and even your thought processes in evaluating what's best for your company. Dumortierite will also provide you with more strength and courage to assert your true potential and help you vocalize your abilities to others. To sell yourself.

Are you reluctant to speak out when you are subjected to poor treatment or even abusive circumstances? Dumortierite would be a great companion stone for you. It will teach you to stand your ground, stand up for your rights without being perceived as simply stubborn or whiney.

This is a good stone to carry during dramatic events. It provides you with the endurance to get through what is happening, promotes self-discipline so that you can respond appropriately and can provide a sense of calm as chaos erupts around you.

Dumortierite is a great stone for healers as an aid in diagnosing health problems. It can illuminate the base issues and true causes of an illness so that the healer is able to use a true holistic approach to healing the individual.

Blue Aventurine or Dumortierite Quartz can be useful in releasing toxins from the body. It may also improve stamina for those suffering from chronic or dilapidating disease. The stone may be helpful in relieving stomach problems such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea or colic.

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