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Aqua and marina are Latin words for water and sea. The colors in an Aquamarine crystal certainly reflect the sparkling greens and blues of the ocean. No wonder, we instantly associated this beautiful crystal with elemental powers of water.

Aquamarine, Emerald and other beryl crystals are composed of beryllium, aluminum and silicate. The blues and greens in Aquamarine come from minute inclusions of iron, usually less than 2%. The crystals form in druzey cavities, normally in Granite and are found world wide.

Perfect, translucent Aquamarine crystals are far more abundant than its cousin, the Emerald. Crystals tend to be long and thin, sometimes prismatic, more often striated. The bluer the crystal, the higher its value as a gemstone. Greener stones are often heat treated to bring out the blue.

Large, quality specimens of Aquamarine are not that rare. The largest ever found was a 243 pouch crystal from Brazil. A pebble weighing 15 pounds and a cut gemstone weighing 2,594 carats also came from that country. A cut specimen mined in India ended up with a final weight of 900 carats.

Besides Brazil and India, Aquamarine is found in Africa, Sri Lanka, the Ural Mountains in Russia, Australia, Ireland, Pakistan, Madagascar, Canada and the US. Crystals found in Massachusetts are a unique sapphire blue. Some say it is the most beautiful Aquamarine anywhere, but specimens tend to be smaller and more difficult to use in jewelry.

With its name and color Aquamarine was destined to be immersed in stories about the sea. Old legends claim the gem to be the treasure of mermaids, charmed with the power to keep sailors safe. When the stone became wet, its strength would double, just when you needed it most.

According to another tradition, if your Aquamarine changed colors, it meant a friend was about to betray you. The stone has been exchanged as a gesture of loyalty or an expression of honesty. A gift of Aquamarine earrings is thought to bring love and affection to the wearer.

You can utilize Aquamarine's water energies in a purification meditation. Hold an Aquamarine in each hand, and take a deep, cleansing breathe. As you slowly release your breathe, imagine those negative emotions that have built up during the day, flowing out of you through the crystal in your non-dominant hand. Breathe in and imagine a refreshing wave of peace coming through the crystal in your dominant hand and washing over you. Repeat the process, bringing calm through your dominant crystal as you breathe in and releasing chaotic energy through the other crystal as you breathe out, until you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Your dominant hand is the one you write with.

Through the centuries the crystal has been a popular divination tool. It will help open your conscious mind to psychic impressions. Aquamarine can aid in your spiritual evolution, helping clear cluttered thoughts, giving you deeper understanding of balance. The stone will motivate you to bring order to your emotional and physical worlds.

Beryl crystals are excellent Chakra tools. The Aquamarine is especially powerful in activating, clearing or balancing your Throat Chakra. If you have trouble communicating, the stone can assist you in finding the most effective words.

Aquamarine gives you strength to take responsibility for yourself. Assists you in maintaining a persistent path towards your goals, helping to guarantee your success.

Couples in long relationships and marriages can use an Aquamarine to keep their love and passion fresh. Historically, the stone was believed to help couples work through differences, keep their communication friendly and their union happy for many years.

Ancient healing traditions recommended Aquamarine Elixirs for vision problems, trouble breathing and even hiccups. It was used in baths to calm nerves, heal emotional trauma and promote sleep.

The crystal has a healthy effect on the pituitary and thyroid glands, stimulating hormonal balance. It strengthens the immune system and may bring some relief for allergies.

Doctors may want to carry an Aquamarine crystal. It can help you access stored information about our bodies ability to achieve perfect health. Teach you how to put that knowledge to practical use.

A few final notes about caring for your Aquamarine. If you are using a piece of jewelry with the crystal mounted, you need to clean it every third or fourth time you wear it. Use a liquid detergent and warm water, don't attempt to clean your Aquamarine with an ultrasonic cleaner.

Sunlight will fade the color in an Aquamarine, so protect your crystal from prolonged exposure.

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