Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blue Lace Agate

This gentle blue member of the Agate family is the Earth Ecology Award's symbol for World Ecology. They chose this intricately designed Quartz because of its resemblance to Mother Earth's appearance from space. Astronaut Dr. Harrison H. Schmitt (he rode in Apollo 17) commented while orbiting Earth, "If there ever was a fragile appearing piece of blue in space, it is the Earth right now". Earth Ecology Award must have felt the delicate patterns of the Blue Lace Agate echoed those sentiments.

Agates are plentiful. Blue Agates are not, especially the pleasing blues found in the Ellensburg Blue, or the older stones found in the Scottish Blue Hole. Blue Lace Agate was only discovered in the last 40 years, by George Swanson in the Kalahari desert. In 1980 Nick Lorimer discovered Agates in an old quarry in Angus Scotland, rivaling the stones found a century earlier in the Blue Hole.

Blue Lace Agate formed as most Agates do. An extreme geological event liquified silica (Quartz), and dissolved crocidolite (the same mineral that gives Hawk Eye its blue color) filling cracks and cavities in the surrounding terrain. Over the centuries, as the geological forces slowly subsided, these Quartz filled stones would alternate between periods of submersion and cooling down. This built uneven layers and fractures, creating the lacy patterns we are so drawn to in this Agate.

There is little history on Blue Lace Agate or even Blue Agate. Partly because of the rarity of the gemstone, partly because of the ignorance of European settlers. The blue Agate now known as Ellensburg Blue, was held in high esteem by the Northwestern Native American tribes. In some cases, only the Chief was allowed to wear one, regardless, it was essential that at least the Chief have one of these Agates. Initially they tried to trade their blue treasures with their new neighbors. The settlers could think of no use for an old blue rock.

This little Agate is making up for lost time though. It is now recognized as a symbol of peace, hope, ecology, truth and other noble ideals.

In your own work, Blue Lace Agate is excellent for opening and activating the Throat Chakra. Often, when you are afraid to speak out against actions that hurt you or those you love, anger builds up, creating a wall your words can't get out of. Blockages like these can be detrimental to your health, physical and mental. This loving Agate can assist you in tearing down that wall and allowing the correct words to come. Words that can bring about a peaceful solution to your troubles.

The gemstone will open your communication with the Universe. Helping you form your intentions correctly, so that the outcome is for the good of all. And allows you to understand messages that are being given to you.

Blue Lace Agate is one of my favorite gemstones for honoring Father Sky. Looking into its layers of blue and white can lift you up in the joy of flight. Feel the delightful sensation of Father's breath across your skin as you fly free above your Mother. Use your blue gemstone in a cleansing ceremony. Invite Father Sky to blow out the old stale air from your life and bring in a fresh new wind. Leave the stone in the branches of a tree or on top of a hill to show your gratitude.

Keep one in your car to lift your spirits when day to day driving frustrations try to send you over the edge. At the office, it could help diffuse tense situations, helping the individuals involved find creative ways to express and resolve conflicts. You can use these same calming energies at home as well.

This is a wonderful stone to carry in any stressful situation. Your biological reaction to stress is to fight or take flight. Very few of the challenges we face today will be resolved by violence or running away. This airy Agate helps you take that deep breath, and assess the problem calmly. If you listen, in that quiet moment, this crystal may whisper the answer in your ear.

Blue Lace Agate has been recommended for headache and the joint pain from arthritis. It can help release harmful memories that may manifest themselves as disease. Use the gemstone to promote a healthier body by having a healthier spirit.

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