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The story of Bloodstone is the tale of two stones. Hemaetite, a silvery stone that bleeds red oxidized iron when cut and a dark green Jasper with red and yellow speckles and patches.

For this article we’ll discover the ancient healing and magical traditions attributed to Blood-Jasper or Bloodstone.

Jasper is a Quartz crystal that became heavily included with minerals and organic matter. Normally, a substance will be included in crystals in trace amounts. Jasper can contain up to 30% non silica matter, which is why the gem is opaque.

Bloodstone contains chlorite, which creates the green colors and iron oxides that produce reds, yellows and browns. The most prized specimens for jewelry are those with drips of red.

Bloodstone was first mined in China and India. Today it is also available in Brazil, Russia, Australia and the US (in Wyoming).

Originally known as Heliotrope, this unique Jasper was first used to manipulate the weather. Helio is Greek for Sun and Bloodstone left in water was believed to absorb the Sun’s rays thereby causing a storm. Romans used polished Bloodstones to view solar eclipses.

The gem was used with the herb Heliotrope, giving the wearer the ability to become invisible. Magicians used Bloodstone tools to increase the power of their spells. It was used to destroy enemy troops in early Babylonia. Egyptians carved rings and pendants from Bloodstone to attract wealth. It was ground into a fine powder to be used as an aphrodisiac in India.

Christian legends claim the iron red spots are from Christ’s blood dripping from his thorn crown. The National Library in Paris houses a skillful sculpture of the scourging of Christ carved in Bloodstone, using the dramatic red drips and streaks of the stone as highlights.

The stone is also called St. Stephen’s Stone, the Martyr’s Stone and has been used in numerous carvings of the crucifixion and other christian themes.

Throughout history, soldiers have taken Bloodstone into battle. For protection and courage, and if all else fails, it was known to stop bleeding and promote healing.

Heliotrope was believed to be able to capture the Sun’s actual fire. Use that fire energy to strengthen your own courage and resolve as you march through the battlefield that can be life. Don’t allow your emotional energy to hemorrhage at every challenge and twist life gives.

Keep a Bloodstone with you when dealing with tumultuous changes. It will keep your stress levels down and help you find the perfection that often comes of turmoil.

This stone’s energies will help revitalize you, both physically and spiritually. It will bring new commitment and fresh interest to relationships. Bloodstones have been used for centuries in purification ceremonies. With the new year, now is a good time to perform a ritual or ceremony to rid yourself of unhealthy patterns (physical or mental).

I have always used Jasper to call the rain, but after researching this Blood Jasper, one will be included with my rain stones.

Use the stone to communicate with your ancestors, open yourself to intuitive teachings they can give. Align and balance the first four Chakras.

Artists can use Bloodstone to improve their creativity and technical talents. Or keep one with your cash to improve the flow of money to you.

Bloodstone’s ability to stop bleeding has actually been documented on ancient battlefields. Many of its healing qualities are associated with the heart and blood. Improving circulation, anemia, stronger lungs, building bone marrow and healthy hearts are all attributed to this gem.

Women have used Bloodstone to prevent miscarriage, relieve labor pains and ease menstrual cramps. It will neutralize and help eliminate toxins in the body giving you a healthier liver, kidney and bladder.

Pictures of Bloodstone

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